STA Newbie, Part II—Maddox Takes On Chapter 1 of the Gamemasters’ Guide

Hey, ya’ll. This is Michael Dismuke. You know me from Continuing Missions and as a freelance writer for STA. My nephew was given a school project to blog. When he told me about it, I told him I could make him famous (well, among the STA crowd) by inviting him to blog about his experience learning the game for the first time. Yep, you get to join us on this journey. [I might sometimes chime in to give the boy some guidance.] This will be a good training tool to teach him to be a blogger and a Trekkie all in one shot! Make sure to give him some shout-outs and encouragement as he learns why we all love Star Trek and STA!

(See Maddox’s first post here)

As a new fan of Star Trek, I have a lot to learn.

My first plan of action was to ask a close family member who I knew loved Star Trek about the genre, and through that, I was given the STA Gamemaster Guide volume 1.

I knew the book would inform me about Star Trek and the game’s rules, but I was so amazed by the writers’ detail and attention to detail. The art in the book was terrific and so fascinating to see. The chapter gave such well-written descriptions of Star Trek, and to a new Star Trek such as myself who has only seen one movie, this was beneficial.

I learned things that I wouldn’t even think would be in Star Trek, such as the diversity of aliens and different beings. I never thought a franchise about aliens could be related so much to real life; I thought it was just a light-hearted story.

Once I learned what Star Trek was, I was more interested. Instead of seeing it as some childish story about aliens, I saw it as a complex, almost impossible equation with endless possibilities. I have only done roleplay as a kid, but not as complex as the Star Trek storyline, and I was amazed at the idea that role-playing can be this much fun.

My favorite page from chapter one was page 13, where it explained that you decide your journey and, unlike other roleplay games where characters start with modest abilities, Star Trek focuses on excellent intellectual skills.

After chapter one, I am hooked and cannot wait to get to chapter two and learn more about this fantastic, complex game.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how far he goes. I hope you show him some excellent TOS and TNG episodes that really focus on the core principles of the setting so he can visualize it better.

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