Continuing Conversations 29—Session Zero Point Five: More Worldbuilding

What’s a session zero? Before a group even launches into their cosmic adventures, gamemasters and players will convene to discuss what their game (their world) will look like. In this case, what era of Star Trek will the game setting be? What kind of characters will we create to man our space vessel? Heck, what are we going to name the ship?

Michael, Jim, Ella Pearson, and Al Spader continue where they left off with their first session zero. (Watch that video first if you missed it.)

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  1. As a add on to world building, I tend to create small things on the side to show what the world looks like when I run games. It might be little shops, someone working on a bit of technology, a cluster of people talking. Just little things to enhance the local flavor and make the place feel lived in

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