Continuing Conversation 009—Gamemasters’ Guide in Play: Session Zero!!!

What’s a session zero? Before a group even launches into their cosmic adventures, gamemasters and players will convene to discuss what their game (their world) will look like. In this case, what era of Star Trek will the game setting be? What kind of characters will we create to man our space vessel? Heck, what are we going to name the ship?

What will GMS get out of this LIVE session? If you are a new GM, learn how to design a campaign that is comfortable for all. Set up a code of conduct to make sure everyone feels included. Create a setting that engaged all of your new players. And more! What will new Players learn?

Experience how fun creating your own piece of the Trek universe can be? Create a character with a cool back story that makes you excited to play the game. Get to know your fellow crew members and your ship.

Continuing Mission has done so much to support STA that Modiphius wants to give some love back, and so we are pleased to offer this discount code, CMISSION01, which is a 10% off coupon for the STA Starter Set and usable on both the Modiphius UK site and the Modiphius US site.


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