Super Fan Artimus Killian—Fillable Sheet Refit Forms

Greetings. Artimus Killian here, reporting for duty.

My love for Star Trek began with Nemesis and episodes of Enterprise, and that fondness for all things Trek has only gotten stronger in the years since. All of the shows, novels, and other media offer a plethora of tales to seek out and enjoy. However, my passion is especially noteworthy with Star Trek Adventures, where I can experience life and excitement within the universe by playing an active role in an infinite number of possible stories we can tell.

The purpose of today’s post, or “report” if you will, is to share my most recent refit project. You see, I like to tinker. Making changes to enhance and iterate upon what was there before, while striving to maintain its original purpose is satisfying. As a result I believe this, on top of my career in repairing technology, places me proudly in the red, gold, or copper of an operations uniform.

In the context of this project, my tinkering was aimed at making one of the Star Trek Adventures character sheets a little more usable for me and my group. The look and feel of the official TOS Era “Personnel” and “Starship” sheets are great. They have an almost minimal design which focuses on the character’s information, but still feels like it exists in the world. By starting with that base and making the below modifications to the sheets, I enhanced their function and usability during play at the table.

And with these updates, I wanted to share these sheet refits with the community for anyone else who might find these changes useful for their table.

Changes Made to Both Sheets:

  • All fields are form fillable (they were on the original sheet; only confirming they still are)
  • Adjusted size and position of most fields to fit on a US Letter sheet. The Personnel sheet has the Attributes and Disciplines fields rotated 90 degrees for space.
  • Attributes, Disciplines, Systems, and Departments headers text color was changed to dark grey so they stand out more on the sheet as these are used most often.
  • Changed the filled bubbles to be outlines using the same colors (e.g., the Attributes fields). This made them much easier for us to read both on screens and when printed.
  • Fonts changed, for flavor but really mostly due to licensing. Hopefully it still feels like a Star Trek form.

Personnel Sheet:

  • Environment spelling corrected
  • Fewer Talents and Focus fields to fit the page size change, but there are enough for creation and should be enough for some advancement.
  • Other Equipment field changed to a single large box from the previous list of individual lines
  • Created “Personnel Form Page 2”. This new sheet includes space for lifepath and advancement of characters. The Education section has blank custom fields and is worded so options from non-Core books can be used (eg: the Player’s Guide Cadet or Civilian lifepaths). Environment and Upbringing fields were kept on the main Personnel sheet for those who prefer using only page 1.

Starship Record:

  • Changed the order of the Systems fields so it matches spaceframe stat blocks from the books
  • Added Scale and Resistance fields
  • Added Traits fields
  • Ship outline thinned for visual weight balance
  • BONUS: I made a pair of variants of this sheet. One maintains the department colors, but has the Discovery/Strange New Worlds Constitution profile. The second uses the Utopia Planitia color scheme for the Systems and Departments boxes which are found in the new book, and also uses the new Constitution design.

Supporting Personnel Form:

  • New form created for tracking supporting characters, and maybe NPCs
  • It is designed around a half-sheet so that two characters can be recorded per sheet
  • Uses the main Personnel Form as a base, but with reduced number of fields specific to supporting characters

I have also created additional bonus variants of all the sheets in a Discovery color scheme, because I adore that show and find the colors lovely to use.

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  1. I love these. Is there a way I can change the ship diagram (the outline) I want to make the Ship file unique to the class the players are operating.

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