Watchtower Class Starbase 

Submitted by John Daly

In middle school in the mid-eighties, I discovered Star Fleet Battles and FASA’s Star Trek: The Role Playing Game and got hooked on role-playing games. I loved the Starship Construction Manual and build several spaceframes.  Since my love for Star Trek began when I only had seventy-nine episodes, and two movies I also grew to love the novels with the first one I bought being The Abode of Life. In my mind, the novels have always been canon and I love the Jim Johnson theory that canon is interpreted by the individual and not the collective. I’ve been influenced the most by A.C. Crispin, Peter David, David Mack, and Dayton Ward.

I was an early adaptor of Star Trek Adventures discovering it during play testing and then buying it when it was published. For me, I think Jim Johnson and his team have captured the true spirit of Star Trek just like FASA did. I also appreciate that Modiphius has faith in the game and continues to add modules based on the new properties that Paramount has been producing.

I was working on developing a campaign for a TOS-era adventure and wanted to have a Watchtower Class Starbase so upon asking and discovering one had not been developed I put this together this past weekend.

It’s great to be part of this Star Trek Adventures community and look forward to seeing how others develop this starbase into their adventures.

Continuing Mission has done so much to support STA that Modiphius wants to give some love back, and so we are pleased to offer this discount code, CMISSION01, which is a 10% off coupon for the STA Starter Set and usable on both the Modiphius UK site and the Modiphius US site.


    1. Nice. Can we post these on CM too? Could you email me them direct with a short blurb about yourself and what it was like to use the mechanics from Utopia Planitia? My email is michaeldismuke1 at gmail dot com.

  1. Oh hell yes, Mike, absolutely you can post them on CM. In fact, I have a whole slew of STA starship fan designs (more than 40!) that I’ve made using the UP rules, some of which I’ve posted about in the Modiphius STA forum. There’s also some other STA fanmade stuff I’ve created and stored on my GoogleDocs that I hope you’ll find of interest. I’ll send you that email in a day or two along with a link to my STA GoogleDocs folder. Stay tuned.

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