Klingon Mission Brief—“To Quash a Rebellion”

Suggested Era of Play: The Movie Era

Suggested Spotlight Role: Engineering Officer


The crew must infiltrate a heavily secured gagh farm to locate Gurr, a Klingon surgeon and fugitive from the Klingon Empire. The farm is a front. It is a clinic specializing in plastic surgery for rebels willing to have their appearances altered so that they can replace loyalists to the High Council. The crew has been ordered to destroy the facility and capture or execute Gurr. 

Opening Log Entry

Engineering Officer’s Log: “I have been assigned to scan the agricultural center on the surface and assist in forming a tactical plan to take down the cowardly dogs that reside within. We cannot attack from space since that worm Gurr would have ample time to mount his shameful escape. So far, I am impressed with the planetary defense systems. They will be a formidable challenge to overcome but I shall prevail and bring honor to the Klingon Empire.”

Major Beats

The Farm’s Layout

A sensor sweep reveals important details. The jungle farm is secured in a biodome. The biodome is protected by a defense field that prevents transporting inside the structure. Scans also show a power generator located one kellicam from the site that, if destroyed, will deactivate the farm’s force field. The player characters must transport down, locate the cloaked generator facility, gain entry, and deactivate the force fields by any means necessary.

Jungle Trek

Once the force field is deactivated, the landing party must navigate the steamy jungle and battle their way through armed rebels and vicious jungle creatures to arrive at the fortified farm. Once there, they must activate and secure a magnetic bridge, cross the bridge, and get to the main structure while taking fire from snipers on the towers. In space, the vessel must keep any rebel ships from escaping the planet.


Once across the bridge, the landing party must somehow access the main biodome, hack the computers to find Gurr’s location, wind their way through halls and stairwells that contain hidden automated defenses, and penetrate the hyper-secure surgical lab. All the while, they will need to fend off Klingon warriors who are intent on helping Gurr escape capture. 

Minor Beats

While the engineering officer will be busy finding ingenious ways to disrupt enemy systems, other players can be occupied dealing with enemy forces and providing support to fellow landing party members. If any characters remain on the ship, they might try to simultaneously negotiate Gurr’s surrender. The gamemaster can decide if Gurr surrenders, only doing so if they can give up in a way that seems honorable to their Klingon sensibilities. Otherwise, they would rather die with honor.

Key Non-Player Characters

Modify K’Ehleyr (page 338) for Gurr raising Medicine to 5. Use Klingon Warrior stats (page 325) for rebels. Adapt jungle creatures from Beasts of the Galaxy on page 359. (All page references from Klingon Core Rulebook.)


This game can end with Gurr’s capture, escape, or execution. Gamemasters might choose to incorporate this into a larger campaign wherein the players must chase Gurr and their patients across the galaxy, which could lead to missions with a focus on espionage and security.

Adding This Mission to Your Campaign…

This campaign could be adapted to any era campaign. It should highlight that the Klingon Empire—like any other—has divisive elements seeking to destabilize the norm. The gamemaster should be sensitive to their player group and modify the action accordingly, for instance, deciding to focus the game more on diplomacy than guerilla warfare tactics, which might upset some players.

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