Klingon Mission Brief—“The House of Gorkon”

Azetbur, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council

Suggested Era of Play: The Movie Era

Suggested Spotlight Role: Captain 


It is a time of great tension. Chancellor Azetbur signed the Khitomer Accords several months ago. The Klingon Empire is in disarray. Factions opposed to unification with the Federation are promising violent revolt. Back on Qo’noS, the Klingon High Council prepares for assassination attempts against the new Chancellor. The players must safely escort Azetbur from Qo’noS to Ty’Gokor.

Opening Log Entry

Captain’s Log: “We have been asked to provide escort for Chancellor Azetbur from Qo’noS to Ty’Gokor. Our vessel will join a small contingent of cloaked KDF ships to ensure her safe arrival. To think that some Klingons would rebel against the High Council makes my stomach turn, the dishonorable curs.”

Major Beats

Conference of Captains

The captains of the various vessels convene on the chancellor’s ship, Kronos One, a K’t’inga-class battle cruiser. Azetbur wants to celebrate those loyal to the Empire with a dinner in their honor. She warns that cowardly dissidents will make every effort to end her life and usurp her position. She withdraws a d’k tahg, slices her hand, and asks her captains to make a blood oath to defend the newly reformed Empire. A captain from a rival House might challenge the player captain to a battle in order to impress Azetbur and elevate his House’s status.


Meanwhile, the characters on the player vessel are on high alert constantly scanning for the appearance of any enemy vessels. Sensor sweeps are all difficulty 5 given that enemy ships are cloaked. A small contingent of rebel Klingon ships decloaks and attack the escorts with the goal of drawing away some vessels from Kronos One. After several exchanges between the ships, the rebels launch the next phase of their plan.

Enemy Plot

Rebel operatives aboard Kronos One know that the Klingon captains will likely want to return to their own vessels. The rebels have sabotaged the transporter systems so that Azetbur will be forcibly beamed to their cloaked lead vessel, the Tar, once shields are down. Once he has captured the chancellor, the Tar’s captain, Klock, calls a ritual challenge against Azetbur. He wants control of the Klingon High Council.

Minor Beats

This adventure allows the player characters to meet Klingons from other Houses. It could also lead to other campaigns wherein the rebel conspirators are hunted down and brought to justice. A subplot could include rooting out the rebels aboard Kronos One.

Kronos One

Key Non-Player Characters

The Challenge Ritual is on page 115. Adapt the D1-Class Battle Cruiser on page 212 for Kronos One. Chancellor Azetbur can be found on page 343. Adapt Gowron on page 346 for rebel Captain Klok. (All page references are from the Klingon Core Rulebook.)


The mission ends when Chancellor Azetbur is rescued. The players will need to locate the Tar, form a boarding party, and battle their way through enemy warriors to save the chancellor. Though there are other allied vessels in the vicinity, the crew should get the glory.

Adding This Mission to Your Campaign…

More background on the House of Gorkon can be found on page 50. Ty’Gokor is referenced on page 66. Refer to the boxes “A New Hope for Peace” and “In His Footsteps” on page 342-343 for more insight into the story. Gamemasters should play this campaign to highlight the major personalities during this tumultuous time in Klingon history. This is an opportunity for the characters’ houses to be elevated in honor. For campaigns set in a different era, another chancellor can replace Azetbur.

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