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Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s as we continue our exploration of the Mirror Universe. In past entries we’ve looked at Mirror Universe versions of Admiral Nechayev, Lt. Chris Park, and Captain Heyta of the Xindi. We’re looking at another enemy of the Terrans today, but one who’s in a position of power. Like the outsider Qurek in the prime universe, Qurek of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance is at odds with the leadership of his people. This time, though, it might work in the Player Character’s advantage.

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After the Original Series showed the Mirror Universe in the episode Mirror, Mirror, the TV series went back there in the Deep Space Nine episode Crossover. That second trip was much different: it saw the strong Terran Empire that Kirk encountered replaced by a broken Terran people under the rule of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Terrans and Vulcans alike worked as slaves on mining planets to fuel the needs of the Klingons and Cardassians and Worf is the ruling Regent. It’s a much different place with a lot of crazy upheavals.

There are lots of plot hooks in the material but here are some to get you started.

  • Qurek works with a group of Andorians to find and neutralize the terrorist group known as the Treishya which seeks to overthrow the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. In order to complete the infiltration he enlists the help of a group of slaves (the Player Characters), offering them positions of comfort if they succeed.
  • Lord Qurek has arrived at Terok Nor to oversee the Klingon Empire’s interests there… Or at least that’s the story. Secretly, Qurek is there to meet with Intendant Kira Nerys to gain her support in a more open and unified Alliance. The Intendant sees her chance to deal with this upstart and win the favor of Regent Worf, but she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty. If she manipulated members of the Terran Rebellion into assassinating him instead, however, perhaps they would do the deed and she could take the credit.
  • In the prime universe, the Player Characters are sent on a mission to Klingon space to meet with Chancellor Gowron. The Chancellor is acting strangely, however, and he is backed up by a Klingon lord named Qurek. Starfleet intelligence suggests that Qurek is an enemy of Gowron causing some confusion. It all becomes clear, however, when the crew realizes that both Qurek and Gowron have been replaced with their Mirror Universe counterparts. What are they planning?

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