Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Terran Empire

Hello everyone and welcome to the second-to-last May entry for Tuesdays at Quark’s… It was going to be the last but an eager reader convinced me to fit one last one in here. So stay tuned for that! We’ve got a big name coming to Continuing Mission this week. None other than the celebrated Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself! Of course, this is Mirror Universe May so it might not be what you’re thinking. This isn’t your grandmother’s Picard…

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In the comic series Mirror Broken (aka Swole Trek) we get a great look at the Next Generation era of the Mirror Universe. Other authors have attempted versions of this period but this one is my favorite, so much so that I’ve adopted it as my default for writing these Mirror Universe characters in the 24th century. Picard is a real badass in this series, an ambitious captain determined to do whatever it takes to kill him some Cardassians and hopefully a few Klingons.

If you haven’t read Mirror Broken I highly recommend it. It’s the thing that inspired me to suggest Mirror Universe May in the first place. It’s well-written and well-drawn and should give you some great ideas for a Mirror Universe campaign. Just reading it will provide you with lots of plot hooks but if you need a couple to get going here are a few to get you started.

  • Picard has a plan to trap and kill the Xindi terrorist Heyta. He contacts the Player Characters with a ready-made plan where their ship and the Stargazer catch the Xindis’ stolen ship between them. It’s not officially sanctioned by the Terran Empire and it’s also dangerously close to the Cardassian front, but if they are successful it will put all of their names in the history books.
  • Chris Park, the infamous traitor, has been captured by Captain Picard. Rather than turn them over to Imperial authorities, though, Picard has decided to question Park himself and use whatever information is gained to launch a personal offensive against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. The crew is instructed to find Picard and secure the prisoner before he kills Park, potentially pitting Terran against Terran.
  • The crew is contacted by Admiral Nechayev who instructs them that they are to find and apprehend Captain Picard and his crew. Though cagey at first, Nechayev eventually acknowledges that Picard stole an experimental vessel called Enterprise and is on a single-minded mission to destroy as many enemy vessels as he can. This ship is valuable but Picard has proven himself expendable in Nechayev’s eyes. The Player Characters are to recover the ship by any means necessary.

Click on the image below to get the PDF.Jean-Luc Picard - Preview

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  1. Mirror Picard, eh? Nice.

    The inspiration that started it all has finally been statted. 😀

    The Chris Park Hook you have here could also work if you’re doing a campaign as a traitor – only this time you’re rescuing them from him.

    Nice work, and I look forward to the Bonus Round. 😀

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