Tuesdays At Quark’s Client Index

If you’re a longtime fan of Continuing Mission, you are likely familiar with our Tuesdays At Quark’s feature, which are ready-to-play named NPCs created by Mephit James. We’ve collected together in one volume almost all the separate PDFs of the NPCs in that series, leaving out only canon characters (like Lore and Leck) and Mirror Universe versions of canon characters (like Mirror Jean-Luc Picard).

Our hope is that this will give you a quick resource for introducing interesting characters with fascinating backstories during play.

There’s still reason to look up each individual NPC here, as Mephit James had provided fascinating how-to-play preambles and ready-to-use plot hooks for these characters.

The first document is a standard PDF.

The second document below are 2-page spreads, so that you can see the entire character on a single screen/page.

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