Learn to Play! Star Trek Adventures [LIVE!] Engage!!

Al Spader and friends knocked it out of the park with this one.

He hosted a Star Trek Adventures game for newbies and live streamed it on Twitch! Do you want to see how the game plays out? This is the one to watch. He even had cool giveaways at the end.

Watch it now!

Al writes, “If you’re new to the game and wondering where to start, I HIGHLY recommend the Quickstart. It’s free and has the basic rules in it along with a 3-4 hour mission. I’ll be running my interpretation of the mission on Saturday for my live stream! There’s even a Klingon one that could be adapted to Starfleet as well!”

Continuing Mission has done so much to support STA that Modiphius wants to give some love back, and so we are pleased to offer this discount code, CMISSION01, which is a 10% off coupon for the STA Starter Set and usable on both the Modiphius UK site and the Modiphius US site.

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