Pet Datafile: Porthos from Enterprise

Name: Porthos Species: Beagle Gender: Male Age: 4 years old Rank: None

Background: Porthos was adopted by Captain Archer while on shore leave on Earth. The captain was drawn to the energetic and affectionate Beagle, and they quickly became inseparable. Porthos has been a constant companion to Archer and the Enterprise crew, often providing a source of comfort and humor during their missions. Although he has a tendency to get into mischief, his keen sense of smell and loyalty have saved the crew on numerous occasions.

Attributes: Control: 8 Fitness: 7 Presence: 4 Daring: 8 Insight: 6 Reason: 4

Disciplines: Command: 0 Conn: 2 Security: 1 Science: 1 Engineering: 0 Medicine: 0

Focuses: Small Game Hunting, Tricks and Commands, Smelling Out Hidden Objects


Animal Empathy – Can communicate with other animals to get information or help.

Bold – Can add +1 to Daring when taking a risky action. Intimidating Bark – Can intimidate or distract enemies with a bark.

Equipment: Personalized dog collar with Starfleet logo


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