Continuing Conversations 65—Playing the Ship as a Character!

Have you ever thought about playing the ship? Jim and Michael invite Thomas Marrone (STO art director) and Aaron Pollyea (STA writer galore) to talk about playing the ship as a character! Get ready to go where you may never have thought about going before with your TTRPG!

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  1. I’m currently the GM of a game in which a flotilla of relief ships hit a subspace anomaly at high warp and wake up elsewhere. So far it’s off to an amazing, if somewhat rocky, start. Got the idea out of the utopia planetia book one of the players posted in our chat about what to run.

      1. It’s been interesting – we had to come up with the idea that ‘Crew support’ is how we determined the ships different Focuses & Values from based on our mission profile and what we think the crew may have been more focused on. thank you for adding it to the book! I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of sentient ships in Trek and how with as advanced as they are, that most of the new ships aren’t semi-sentient, if not fully sentient.

      2. I enjoy watching people adapt the briefs in a multitudinous array of stories, each one different. I never get bored reading the after action reports. Send me yours when it’s done if you have it.

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