Star Trek: Prodigy Cancellation Disheartens Fans, but Continuing Missions Offers New Hope

An invitation from Colin Wilson, Tony Pi, and Michael Dismuke (some of the CM crew). Read through the end. (4 minute read)

In a surprising turn of events, the cancellation of the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy has left fans disheartened and longing for more. The show, which served as an excellent vehicle for introducing young audiences to the vast Star Trek universe, has garnered a loyal following since its debut.

Many fans have taken to social media platforms to express their disappointment and voice their desire to see the adventures of Prodigy continue. While the future of the animated series remains uncertain (will another streaming service pick it up?), a glimmer of hope emerges from Continuing Missions (CM), the #1 fan site for Star Trek Adventures RPG, offering fans the opportunity to keep the spirit of Prodigy alive through tabletop and virtual tabletop role-playing games.

CM recognizes the desire of fans to continue exploring the adventures of the Prodigy crew and invites enthusiasts to contribute their ideas and submissions for Prodigy-inspired characters, missions, and games.

Prodigy: A Gateway to the Star Trek Universe

Star Trek: Prodigy, created by Kevin and Dan Hageman, quickly became a fan favorite due to its unique approach to the Star Trek franchise. The animated series was designed to introduce younger audiences to the beloved science fiction universe, serving as a gateway to the rich tapestry of Star Trek stories. Prodigy successfully combined exciting adventures, endearing characters, and meaningful narratives while offering young viewers valuable lessons about teamwork, friendship, and exploration.

The show’s ability to teach children the basics of Star Trek tropes, technology, lingo, and the overarching themes of the franchise made it a cherished resource for both young fans and their families. Its positive reception indicated the immense potential for Prodigy to inspire a new generation of Trekkies who would grow up appreciating the values and ideals espoused by the Star Trek universe.

Fans Mourn the Cancellation

The announcement of Prodigy’s cancellation came as a shock to many fans, leaving them feeling disheartened and eager for more episodes. Social media platforms have been buzzing with comments from disappointed viewers who express their love for the series and disappointment at its premature end. Hashtags like #SaveStarTrekProdigy and #KeepTheProdigyAlive have trended on various platforms, showcasing the passionate response from the fan community.

Continuing Missions: A Beacon of Hope

While the official continuation of Star Trek: Prodigy may hang in the balance, we at Continuing Missions (CM) aims to keep the spirit of the show alive.

CM recognizes the desire of fans to continue exploring the adventures of the Prodigy crew and invites enthusiasts to contribute their ideas and submissions for Prodigy-inspired characters, missions, and games.

By embracing the power of collective imagination, CM seeks to provide an outlet for fans to keep the essence of Prodigy alive through interactive storytelling. TTRPGs and VTTRPGs offer a unique opportunity for fans to create their own narratives set within the Star Trek universe, allowing them to embark on thrilling adventures with beloved Prodigy characters or forge new ones of their own.

The Show Must Go On!

The cancellation of Star Trek: Prodigy may have left many fans disheartened, but the passion and dedication of the Star Trek community shine through.

Fans continue to express their love for the animated series on social media, demonstrating the impact it had on their lives.

In the face of uncertainty, Continuing Missions stands as a beacon of hope, inviting fans to participate in shaping the future of Prodigy through their own lens.

So send your submission ideas to and we will try to get it all up.

The initiative provides an avenue for fans to keep the “show” going and keep the flame of Prodigy alive, ensuring that the spirit of Star Trek’s youngest crew continues to inspire and engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

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  1. Well, that’s a real shame. While aimed at a younger audience (it was), Prodigy kept much of the original themes of Star Trek alive. I do hope it returns

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