Beam Up Your Love Life: A Hilariously Honest Guide to Getting Your Significant Other into Star Trek Adventures RPG

So, you’re a huge fan of Star Trek Adventures RPG, and you can’t wait to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before…with your significant other by your side. There’s just one small problem: they aren’t quite as enthused about the Final Frontier as you are.

Well, fear not! Here’s a humorously persuasive guide that might just convince your loved one to grab that phaser, join the crew, and make it so!

1. Sell it as Couple’s Therapy, Space Style

A couple that games together, stays together. Star Trek Adventures RPG is all about teamwork, understanding different perspectives, and cooperating to achieve common goals (like not getting obliterated by Romulans).

Tell your partner that it’s like couple’s therapy, just cheaper and with more photon torpedoes. “Honey, think of it as an exercise in improving our communication skills. You say ‘tomato,’ I say ‘quantum singularity’. We need to understand each other better!”

2. It’s a Fashion Statement

Does your partner have a thing for fashion? Tell them about the ultra-chic 24th-century Starfleet uniforms they can virtually wear. “Darling, the gold, blue, and red uniforms are so vibrant, they’d make Gucci blush. And those communicators? So in vogue.”

3. Aliens Make for Exotic Vacations

Pitch it as an exotic vacation, just without the travel costs or the need for sunscreen. “Sweetheart, why bother with Paris or Hawaii when we can explore the exotic landscapes of Risa or Vulcan? The trip is totally Covid-safe, and did I mention it’s free?”

4. Channel Their Inner Thespian

Is your significant other a drama lover? Let them know Star Trek Adventures RPG is essentially improv theater, just set in space. “Love, it’s like we’re both starring in a thrilling space drama. You’ll even have fans—me!”

5. It’s a Great Weight Loss Program

Talk about how immersive the game can be. “Babe, remember how we talked about exercising more? Well, in the Star Trek universe, we could be running from Gorn, wrestling with Klingons, or dancing at a Betazoid wedding. It’s a full cardio workout!”

6. Unleash the Tantalizing Unknown

Intrigue them with the mysteries of the universe. “Dear, don’t you want to know why they never seem to use the bathroom in Star Trek? Or what Tribbles really feel like? Only one way to find out!”

7. Appeal to Their Competitive Streak

Everyone enjoys a bit of friendly competition. “My love, don’t you want the chance to outwit a cunning Romulan, or beat a Ferengi at a game of chance? This is your opportunity to show off that clever brain of yours.”

And if all else fails…

8. The Pleading Puppy Eyes

Never underestimate the power of a good old-fashioned plea: “Sweetheart, you know how much I love Star Trek. It would mean the world to me if you’d join this adventure. Plus, it’d make you incredibly sexy. Did I mention Captain Kirk’s success with the ladies?”

With this guide, you’re ready to boldly convince where no one has convinced before! And remember, the real final frontier isn’t space—it’s getting your significant other to enjoy your hobbies as much as you do. So, energize!

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  1. Here’s the funny part. I got into Star Trek Adventures because my wife is such a Star Trek fan and I wanted to spend more hobby time together. We used to play Palladium Fantasy years ago so I thought this would be right up her alley.

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