Demystifying Space Phenomena: A Guide for Star Trek Adventures RPG Players

Recently, I have taken on over a dozen new players to Star Trek Adventures RPG. Some of these are teens and people who never even saw an episode of Star Trek. Hence, they could use a cheat sheet to simplify some common stellar phenomena.

Hello, fellow explorers! Ready for a thrilling journey through the universe? Today, we’ll take a fascinating look at space phenomena. We’ll explore ten exciting things that can happen in space and share fun ways to introduce them into your Star Trek Adventures RPG. Let’s keep things simple and have some fun!

1. Black Holes

Black holes are like space vacuums. They have a lot of gravity, so much that not even light can escape them. In your game, you could use a black hole as a dangerous obstacle. Will your spaceship avoid being sucked in?

2. Ion Storms

Imagine a big space storm full of charged particles, or ions. This is an ion storm. They can mess up a spaceship’s systems. If your crew faces an ion storm, they’ll need to fix the ship’s systems quickly or find a safe place to hide.

3. Solar Flares

Solar flares are giant explosions on the sun that send out lots of energy and light. They can be dangerous for spaceships and astronauts. Maybe a solar flare disrupts your ship’s path, forcing your crew to change course!

4. Nebulas

Nebulas are like giant space clouds made of dust and gas. Some even create new stars! Nebulas could be hiding places for enemy ships or contain unexplored planets waiting to be discovered.

5. Comets

Comets are chunks of ice and rock that zoom around space. When they get close to the sun, they heat up and leave a trail of gas and dust. A passing comet could bring a surprise to the crew. Maybe it’s carrying an alien message or rare minerals?

6. Pulsars

Pulsars are super-fast spinning stars that send out beams of light. Think of them as cosmic lighthouses. The crew could use the light from a pulsar to navigate or discover a new star system.

7. Wormholes

Wormholes are like shortcuts in space. They connect two different places. Imagine folding a paper in half, then poking a hole through it. That’s a wormhole! Perhaps your crew could use a wormhole to escape an enemy or get to a far-off planet quickly.

8. Supernovas

A supernova is a massive star explosion. It’s super bright and can create a black hole. A nearby supernova could be a thrilling event. The crew might have to rescue a ship caught in the explosion or investigate what caused it.

9. Meteor Showers

Meteor showers are like space fireworks. They happen when many small space rocks, or meteors, enter a planet’s atmosphere. A meteor shower could be a beautiful sight or a danger to your spaceship!

10. Quasars

Quasars are bright objects far, far away, powered by black holes. They shine more brightly than entire galaxies! A quasar could be a mysterious signal or beacon for your crew to follow.


Space is full of wonders and dangers. As you play Star Trek Adventures RPG, these phenomena can make your journey more exciting. So next time you gather your crew, remember: you’re not just playing a game; you’re embarking on a thrilling journey through the vast and awe-inspiring universe. Happy exploring, and may your adventures be out of this world!

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