Replicator Resources: Star Trek Map—Stellar Cartography Made Easier

galaxy overviewNavigating around the Federation, much less the Milky Way Galaxy, is not a walk in the park. It is challenging and daunting. Fortunately, another group of Star Trek superfans developed a tool that Trekkies have been using for years to get around the galaxy.

This handy stellar cartography tool can be used to take your Star Trek Adventures game to the next level at warp speed.

Peruse Play with the interface. Soon you will be zipping from system to system and gliding to quadrants unknown.

In addition to maps of the most popular areas of the Star Trek universe, the site provides handy tools. For instance, the Stellar Library provides information like common species, political powers, planetary and star classification, and details about common stellar phenomena like black holes and wormholes.

stellar library

Searches can be refined by the following categories:

  • Milky Way Galaxy An overview of the entire galaxy.
  • Gamma Quadrant The Gamma Quadrant was first surveyed by the Quadros-1 probe, launched during the 22nd century. After the initial discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole in 2369 extensive exploration began, which unfortunately also led to one of the most devastating wars in Federation history: The Dominion War.
  • Local Space The extents of the federation space and of many other powers.
  • UFP Main Core The Federation Main Core is an extensive map of the Federation’s birthplace. The founding and many early members are situated here, as well as the Federation’s most important trading partners, the major borders to other powers, species and all the core worlds of the Federation.
  • 22nd Century (Enterprise NX-01) A historical map of the explored space in the mid 22nd century. The destinations of Enterprise’s (NX-01) journey can be found here, including the Delphic Expanse and other halts, which ultimately led to the foundation of the United Federation of Planets in 2161.
  • Global Location Search Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Most of the known locations can be searched and hopefully found by simply using the global search for all maps at once, additionally, you can still use the local searches which are implemented in every map.

22nd century map key

Helpful tools like map keys and quick location searches will make one of the must-have bookmarks for any Star Trek Adventures RPG fan.


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