Meet Andrew Zimmerman Jones: Writer, STA Alum, Captain’s Log Super Fan

Yet another fan of Captain’s Log writes in with their wonderful play! Take a look at their play report. And let’s learn a little more about Andrew Zimmerman Jones. Thanks for the contribution, Andrew!

Andrew writes, “I’ve included some links below to reviews I’ve done of Star Trek Adventures and some other Star Trek-related games over at over the last few years. 

I’m a big science fiction fan. Got a degree in physics because I loved it so much, but then went into math education. I was also the Physics Guide at for about a decade, and wrote String Theory For Dummies (with a second edition that just came out last year). My interest in Star Trek also got my essay “Which Spock is the Real One? Alternate Universes and Identity” in The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy: The Search For Socrates.  

I’ve been playing Star Trek Adventures since back during the original playtest. You won’t see me in the credits, because I missed the deadline to submit the form, but some of my playtest group made it in.

I ran a group through a mix of pre-written and original adventures, starting in the playtest and continuing after it went live. That group kind of fell apart, due to a divorce among the players and other life events.

I’ve just recently started GMing a new group, running them through an original campaign, where the ship has been framed for treason and they’re hiding out from Starfleet in the Shackleton Expanse. Though I always find myself in the role of GM, I’ve really been wanting to play the game as a player, so the Captain’s Log was the perfect fit for me. 

Past Review of Star Trek Adventures

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