Nick van Oosten Shocks It With His Captain’s Log Debut! Must-See Creativity!

Star Trek Adventures: Fractured Union

(Inspired by “Star Trek: Bridge Commander”)

Episode 1: “Baptism of Fire”

The Dominion War is over. For two years, the Federation has worked hard to rebuild what was destroyed. The Cardassians have remained relatively quiet, dealing with their own reconstruction, while the Klingons and Romulans have returned to business as usual. The ‘Maelstrom’, a volatile but unexplored region of space between the Cardassian and Klingon borders, has gained the interest of all major Alpha quadrant powers, who have begun to explore, patrol, and colonize it.

It is 2377. The USS Dauntless is en-route to the Vesuvi system to resupply the new Draegos science colony on Vesuvi II. They are also ordered to assist in investigating the strange solar activity of the Vesuvi star, which is hampering communications and transporter systems. But the star mysteriously goes supernova, killing Captain Wright and destroying most of the inner planets as well as heavily damaging the remaining two colonies and the Dauntless herself. Her first officer, Jack Philips, is forced to take command.

  • Jack Philips: The former executive officer of the USS Dauntless. He becomes the (acting) captain following the death of the previous commanding officer, Captain Robert Wright. Though inexperienced in this role, Jack has to lead the crew into the investigation of a dangerous conspiracy.
  • Alexandra Levesque: The new first officer of the USS Dauntless, following Jack’s reassignment to captain. Initially assigned to the USS Sovereign, the ship had to remain in drydock after a failed shakedown run.
  • Arno Hagen: The chief security and tactical officer of the USS Dauntless. A veteran of the Dominion War, he is still haunted by what he experienced, and continues to view the Cardassians as bitter enemies.
  • Tinan Zezi: The chief science and operations officer of the USS Dauntless. He is somewhat of a prodigy, and a young officer eager to prove himself, despite his personality quirks.
  • Yeza Perell: The new chief engineer of the USS Dauntless. She was hastily promoted following the death of the ship’s former chief, Robert Telford. Initially overwhelmed by the responsibilities, she quickly adapts to her new role.
  • Kesan Sora: The new chief conn officer of the USS Dauntless, on Commander Philips’s recommendation. She is ambitious, young, and an excellent pilot, though she shares her people’s resentment towards the Cardassians.


  1. That was fantastic to read! Very creative and well written, felt like a real Star Trek episode while reading. Would love to read more of this!

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