Mykl Sandusky Presents Task Cards for Star Trek Adventures Based on Starfleet Battles

Background: In Starfleet Battles, turns are made up of 32 impulses with a complex set of rules dictating what occurs when.  To help with this, there was a set of ‘Impulse Cards’, a series of 32+ index cards number 1 – 32 (plus some general info cards) listing what tasks took place on that impulse.

Idea: It occurred to me that this mechanic may be useful for STA, esp. new players. In this scenario, a player would have a set of numbered cards.

  1. Determine the attribute & discipline for the roll.  This is the target number.
  2. Start with 2d20.
  3. Improve the odds, and so on.

The primary step would be larger and highlighted somehow (bold, different font, etc.) with notes smaller and a reference to the page in the rulebooks to use for detail. A player would flip the cards.

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