A Captain’s Log Play Report: Station Tyrellia— Episode 1: Captain’s Bounty

Kavura has been a Star Trek fan since she was a little girl watching TOS reruns in the ’70s. She loves all the Star Trek shows and movies. She even met her husband, Nayr, at a Star Trek convention!

Kavura and Nayr have a Star Trek podcast called StarPodTrek where they talk about
all things Trek.

They also cosplay and attend several fan conventions a year. Nayr, a long-time RPG player, introduced Kavura to the ’80s FASA Star Trek game earlier this year. They are also part of a Star
Trek Adventures
campaign that started a few weeks ago. Kavura never thought she would be interested in roleplaying games until she tried them.

Now she can’t get enough of them.

She loves creating her own character and interacting with other characters in a Star Trek setting. When Captain’s Log came out, she had to try it! She found it to be an incredible experience. The Captain’s Log playbook has everything she needs to create her own adventures, and it allows for so many details to keep the adventures exciting. She could play solo anytime she wanted. She could be her own character in her own setting. She loves the freedom and creativity of the game. She claims it’s the next best thing to actually being in the Star Trek universe!

Now you can enjoy her first play report: Station Tyrellia— Episode 1: Captain’s Bounty

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