Cassidy Frazee Presents Star Trek: Rasian—Episode 1

Another Captain’s Log super fan has stepped up to the plate to memorialize their campaign in a wonderful way. Let’s check it out!

Cassidy Frazee writes, “Commander Rasian—formally of the U.S.S. Discovery—has been reassigned to a new ship: the U.S.S. Torres, a Janeway-class explorer that is heading out 1100 light years to reestablish contact with a colony that stopped communicating after The Burn. Along the way, she meets her crew makes new friends, and discovers things about the lost colony that we never expected from the Federation.”

 Note: while stardates are used throughout the script, this episode takes place between 12 and 15 February, 3198. Thanks to for the stardate conversions.

Cassidy adds, “This is one of my first attempts at writing in script format, so please excuse any errors you might discover along the way.”

Cassidy! No need to apologize! This is for fun, not for pay! So let’s all take a look and give Cassidy some love!

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