Captain’s Log Presents: USS Ohlone “Symbiotic Ambitions” (Episode 1)

In order to play and write this mission I used the probability matrixes provided in both Captain’s Log Solo Roleplaying Game, oracles in Ironsworn: Starforged, along with prompts put into ChatGPT. Using the creation in play option. Enjoy!

(More info about the specific vessel at the end.)

Captain’s Log, Stardate 8095.1, October 1, 2280

“The USS Ohlone has just entered the Alpha Theta system. We have been tasked with a highly sensitive mission—espionage. Intelligence reports suggest a criminal organization led by Trill scientists has exerted undue influence over a mining colony on Alpha Theta II. Our objectives are manifold: gather intelligence, assess the situation on the mining colony, and identify any potential threats to the Federation. The unique geology and vibrant colors of Alpha Theta II’s icy world—ranging from massive snow drifts to steaming hot springs—present their own set of challenges and wonders. Adding to the gravity of our task, the colony primarily mines diboridium, a resource of significant strategic importance. With our specialized crew and my own upbringing in a bustling trade colony, we are as prepared as we can be for the diplomatic and investigative intricacies this mission will undoubtedly require.”

The Ship

In rolling the talents, I divided up the 3D20 roll table on p. 174 into three tables. (This was before Modiphius did the Captain’s Log errata in August 2023.)

  • Roll 1-7: Roll on 3-20; 
  • Roll 8-15: Roll on 21-40
  • Roll 16-20: Roll on 41-60
  1. 13, 15 = Improved Hull Integrity
  2. 18, 14 = Siphoning Shields
  3. 6, 15 = Advanced Transporters
  4. Selecting Diplomatic Suites to represent colony-based mission


Advanced Transporters, Diplomatic Suites, Improved Hull Integrity, Siphoning Shields 


Awaswas, Chalon Chochenyo, Karkin, Mutsun, Ramaytush, Rumsen, Tamien

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