Probability Matrix: Administrative and Bureaucratic Scenarios for Star Trek Adventures RPG

Here is a random table for Star Trek Adventures encounters that revolve around administration and bureaucratic issues! Here’s a diverse range of scenarios that should add an interesting twist to your game:

  1. Diplomatic Language Barrier: A new alien species communicates in a complex, multi-layered language. The crew must find a way to translate and understand their bureaucratic procedures.
  2. Trade Negotiation: Negotiate trade agreements with a neighboring planet. Complex tariffs and trade laws are involved.
  3. Starship Inspection: A Federation inspection team boards the ship for a surprise compliance check.
  4. Intergalactic Conference Planning: Organize an intergalactic conference on neutral ground, balancing different species’ customs and needs.
  5. Cultural Misunderstanding: A cultural practice of the crew is misinterpreted as an insult by visiting dignitaries.
  6. Historical Artifact Dispute: Mediate a dispute between two species claiming the same historical artifact.
  7. Space Station Management: Oversee the operations of a busy space station for a day, dealing with various logistical challenges.
  8. Resource Allocation Dilemma: Decide how to fairly distribute a limited supply of a new resource among several needy planets.
  9. Environmental Protection Effort: Implement measures to protect a planet’s unique ecosystem while supporting its development.
  10. Immigration Issues: Handle the complex process of asylum seekers from a war-torn planet.
  11. Interstellar Law Case: Represent a crew member in an interstellar court dealing with a minor, but complex legal issue.
  12. Research Permit Acquisition: Obtain a permit for scientific research on a planet with strict environmental and cultural laws.
  13. Bureaucratic Red Tape: Solve a logistical problem caused by an error in Starfleet’s bureaucratic paperwork.
  14. Federation Audit: Prepare for and undergo a detailed audit of the ship’s resources and crew performance.
  15. Galactic Health Regulation: Adapt the ship to meet new health and safety regulations issued by the Federation.
  16. Political Asylum Negotiation: Handle the delicate situation of a political figure seeking asylum aboard the ship.
  17. Interstellar Trade Law Seminar: Attend a seminar on the latest updates in interstellar trade law and implement necessary changes.
  18. Crew Evaluation and Promotion: Conduct performance evaluations and decide on promotions within the crew.
  19. Planetary Zoning Dispute: Mediate a zoning dispute on a planet where the Federation is establishing a new base.
  20. Galactic Environmental Summit: Participate in a summit focused on galactic environmental issues, proposing and discussing new policies.

These scenarios should provide a mix of challenges and opportunities for players to navigate the intricacies of space administration and diplomacy in the Star Trek universe!

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  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been using a division breakdown based on some deck plans from Cygnus X1 and these icons remind me of the ship’s organization from Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise… so we’re reorganizing both of our player ships along these division lines with these icons.
    Also the article is good since it can always add depth to any campaign.

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