Create the Coolest Avatars for your Star Trek Adventure Games

avatar james
James Franco stars as Ensign Franklin James of the U.S.S. Pioneer in our Star Trek Adventures game.

I love the plentitude of resources I find from scouring the web for my Star Trek Adventures game. In this case, let me introduce you to Sci-Fi Avatars.

Sci-Fi Avatars is a site aimed at providing simmers with avatars for their characters.

They have Andorians, Klingons, Romulans, and Vulcans in all colors of all uniforms. There are 3 pages of Humans finished and a good bit of all other species, including the new Caitians!

The site is created by Fruitloop and operated by Kuro-Chan. (Um. Interesting names guys.) Check them out at

Here are a couple other members of my crew. (Yeah. That’s Vulcan Eminem. What of it, foo’?)




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