Replicator Resources: Amazing Cast of Characters for Use in Your Game

When Continuing Mission first launched in 2017, we posted an article called Create the Coolest Avatars for your Star Trek Adventure Games. Since then, STA has really taken off as has Star Trek Online. Some of our craftier STA fans have taken it upon themselves to utilize Star Trek Online to create the characters that grace their STA adventures.

One such uber-fan is Vincent Usher. He bought the pdf of STA when it was first released. Vincent told me, “I love Star Trek RPGs, even though I was burnt by DecTrekand the horror that was that game.” [Michael says Yeee-ouch!]

Vincent added, “We’re currently into our third season of [STA]. Prior to COVID-19 we used to play once or twice a month face-to-face. Since lockdown, we’ve migrated to roll20, hence the need for more images of supporting characters and aliens. We dial in using Skype and I’ve recreated the character sheets on roll20 so they can roll the right dice, etc.”

Now, Vincent wants to share his fantastic character inventions here on Continuing Missions. He will keep adding more great avatars until such time as your ship is teeming with a full cast of interesting characters.


When I asked Vincent how he got into designing characters and where he draws his passion from, he responded, “I’m not too sure really. I always like my players to know what the characters look like with whom they are interacting. I used to use celebrities for reference in other games, but then found myself trying to imitate the actors (badly). With Star Trek Online you can literally play [with the character-building tools] for hours getting your character just right for what you need. It’s so soothing too. I can just switch off and make character images as a little escape from everything that’s going on right now.”

I, for one, adore super fans like Vincent whose creativity adds to gaming enjoyment for hundreds of STA fans. Thanks for donating your genius to the cause, bro!

Command and Conn Characters

Engineering/Operations Characters

Science and Medical Characters

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