Yridian Free Agents and Boslic Freighter Officers

Sometimes even Starfleet Officers need contacts who work in the shadows. Some are trustworthy, some are devious, but all are willing to act on another’s behalf if the price is right. Yridians and Boslics often fall into that category. They would be good NPCs for space station encounters, freighter adventures, and situations where there is not black and white, but shades of gray.

Yridians are often encountered on space stations, and have earned a reputation for information dealing, smuggling, and other shady activities. They serve as excellent intermediaries.

Boslics also appear often as freighter captains and crew, sometimes engaged in smuggling, sometimes in legitimate mercantile activities. They have two different looks.

Stats for the Yridian Free Agent (Notable NPC) and Boslic Freighter Officer (Notable NPC) are presented below, as well as the Yridian Starship and Boslic Freighter.

Click on the images below for the PDFs.




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