Arkenite, Chelon and Takaya’s Whale

In addition to Aquans and Xindi-Aquatics in previous articles, there are other aquatic species associated with the Federation. Three new species were presented in the appendix of the module Poseidonis, but I’ve extracted those into their own PDFs for use independent of that adventure below, for players who may not wish spoilers but would like to play an Arkenite, Chelon, or Takaya’s Whale.

An Arkenite appeared in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Not much is known of them from the core canon, but additional materials from other sources have expanded upon their culture.

The same is true of the Chelons, who are also called Rigellians in other sources. It isn’t known if the Chelons portrayed in Star Trek: The Motion Picture are the same species as the Rigellians portrayed on Enterprise. This profile will treat them as a distinct species (or sub-species).

Takaya’s Whales (Orcinus orca takayai) are mentioned in Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, and are navigational specialists. It is a fictional whale species. They work in Cetacean Ops and Cetacean Navigation Labs alongside bottlenose dolphins. (While bottlenose dolphin stats are not presented, they may use the same profile as Takaya’s Whales, substituting Bottlenose Dolphin for the species Trait.)

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