Some alien species in Star Trek have made very fleeting appearances on screen, but may have very interesting behind-the-scenes lore or developments in non-screen media. Arkenites and Chelons are previous examples from this site.

The Kazarites are one such species, having been seen only on-screen fleetingly in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. They were given a backstory by their designers Fred Phillips and Robert Fletcher (who also designed many other species for the screen).

Kazarites are a Federation species with telekinetic and animal telepathy powers. A peaceful vegetarian species, they are expert ecologists and veterinarians due to their special abilities. They may make fine officers in the Science Department.

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  1. My Kazarite player wants to know about options for increasing his telekinetic powers, such as lifting greater masses. I thought I’d ask the original author: Given this any thought before? I don’t recall any similar telepathy/empathy training rules for other species that I could steal from.

    1. I don’t recall seeing any other Talent progression rules either. But perhaps borrow from something similar to the use of Power on page 215, where extra Momentum can be spent to temporarily double the strength of Telekinesis, but it increases the Complication Range.

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