Ten Forward Fridays: Xindi, Arboreal & Primate

An official version of this species is available in the Beta Quadrant sourcebook.

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

For this month I’m returning to the early days of the Federation, detailing a few of the species from Star Trek: Enterprise. This week I’m doubling up with two Xindi subspecies, the Xindi-Arboreals and the Xindi-Primates.

The Xindi appeared on this site earlier, in this blog. So if this attempt doesn’t satisfy, you can look there.

The Xindi were one of those races from Star Trek: Enterprise that we first meet in 2004 but was in the setting all along. They were first mentioned in episode 2×26 The Expanse and first seen in 3×01 The Xindi. In the 22nd Century, they were deceived into tricking earth from transdimensional being trying to colonize our reality. Comprised of five different species that all managed to reach sentience at roughly the same time (which seems highly unlikely) the Xindi were factious and divided. By the end of their attack, three-fifths sided with humanity and another fifth withdrew their support prior to the final assault.

Following the Xindi Crisis, the species effectively vanished from the series, although presumably they continue to operate out the region that was formerly the Delphic Expanse. The Xindi eventually joined the Federation and Starfleet, serving aboard ships in the 26th Century. When the species joined is unknown, and was likely some time after the founding of the Federation, given lingering tensions over the assault on Earth. However, they very likely had joined by the time of The Original Series, let alone The Next Generation. And while the Xindi might not have been full members during the mid-22nd Century, it’s possible to imagine a few Xindi joining Starfleet as cultural ambassadors to make up for the actions of their people, especially the Primates and Arboreals who might feel especially guilty over being deceived. These two would be welcomed by most divisions of Starfleet, however the Arboreals would likely enter Starfleet’s Diplomatic Corp, while the Primates would be drawn to the Corp of Engineers. In the early years of Starfleet, a Xindi-Primate serving in engineering might be as stereotypical as a Vulcan scientist or Andorian tactical officer.

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