Ten Forward Fridays: Changeling

Changelings are officially presented in the DS9 Characters PDF.

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.
For February I’m returning to the dark side, with a few villainous species from throughout the franchise’s history, specifically those associated with the ignoble Dominion. This week is the shapeshifting Changelings.

Created for Deep Space: Nine, for several years the only Changeling was Constable Odo. The only member of an otherwise unknown species, in many other television series this would just be an unsolved mystery that might have only been the focus of an episode or two. But, instead, DS9 made the Changelings a major factor of the latter half of the show.

We know that other Changelings made it to the Alpha Quadrant, and the adjacent Beta Quadrant. It would be possible to play a Changeling found and raised on another world. Perhaps a planet that has been newly contacted by the Federation. Such a Changeling would be unlikely to venture into Starfleet Academy, but might find work as a specialist on a starship. Alternatively, someone could play a rogue Changeling that left the Great Link out of protest to its actions.

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