Starship Sundays: Gemini

Welcome to Starship Sunday, presenting a new spaceframe for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.

We’re returning to the 23rd Century this month, adding a few ships to the classical Kirk era. I’m starting with another Star Trek Online ship (which didn’t make the cut in the fall), the Gemini.

The catch with this vessel is quasi-canon claim that the Constellation-class (like the U.S.S. Stargazer) was one of the first ships to make widespread use of a four-nacelle design. This means prior vessels had to be rarer, possible with a prototype or two being constructed. As such Gemini-class ships would be somewhat rare and serving on one would be prestigious, but also potentially problematic from a technical standpoint: the ships would have a number of new and untested systems with associated bugs and conflicts. The ship would be a handful for engineers.

The Gemini would be a pretty flexible ship in terms of missions: like Constitution-class ships they’re be able to explore and perform some limited scientific missions while also being among the first ships dispatched in a conflict. They’d be an interesting “upgrade”, a ship assigned to a crew after their previous assignment is retired, damaged, or stuck in drydock for several years. As the newest ships in the fleet, they might also be given other technology to test and experimental new systems.

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