Agents of Yesterday, Part 2

I’m back today with the next post in my Star Trek Online series, bringing you spaceframes from the game’s Agents of Yesterday. Last time I went over the rules for starships in the 26th century but today we’re going to be looking at some specific spaceframes from the expansion.

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All of the 26th-century ships here are based on 23rd-century designs (and one 22nd-century design) but they are new spaceframes designed after 2500 from the studs out. In game terms, though, this inspiration will be from updating the older spaceframes to the later century. As I go through the updated spaceframes below, keep that story element in mind so you don’t think Starfleet is pulling ancient ships out of mothballs.


Jester Dave already gave us the Gemini-class cruiser in Starship Sunday. It’s a great option for a five-year-mission campaign, like an early-era Constellation class and Starship Talents to keep it on its feet (so to speak). In the 26th century, designers were inspired by the Gemini class to create the striking Sagittarius-class cruiser. This always looked somewhat squid-like to me (in a good way) and it’s one of the most classic-looking 26th-century designs in Star Trek Online (which is saying something). To make a Sagittarius-class ship, start with the Gemini-class stats and advance the Entered Service date to 2510 which gives 35 refits. This is the exploration-focused ship so let’s put five points in Weapons and six points in all other Systems. The 26th century rules update the weaponry of this spaceframe to phaser banks and quantum torpedoes and it gains access to other Talents and improvements, but otherwise everything from the Gemini-class profile is maintained.


The 23rd-century Perseus-class is an escort from the era of the original series, available in Starship Sunday, which resembles the Ares-class vessel from the fan movie Prelude to Axanar (check out my interview for a little more on that). It’s a fast and capable escort ship so certainly a great option for a crew hoping to be in the thick of things, especially a good option for a Starfleet crew going toe-to-toe with the Klingons or Tholians. The Theseus-class is a 26th-century design based on the Perseus-class design, and it deserves some powerful firepower to accommodate that. Change the Entered Service date to 2510 which gives 37 refits, six into each System and an extra one into Weapons. The weapon load-out will be updated to include quantum torpedoes instead of photon torpedoes and you can pick out some more combat-related Talents through a Mission Profile.

Science Vessels

The very small Daedalus-class science vessel was an early Starfleet starship from the 22nd century, though Star Trek Online puts it into the 23rd century and the time of the original series. The spaceframe is available in the Command Division Supplement and unofficially in Starship Sunday, which both have Entered Service dates of 2140 and were decommissioned about five decades later. Whether or not they were all retired in 2196 (as attested in the Next Generation episode “Power Play”) or remained in play until the mid-23rd century is up to your campaign. The Command Division Supplement at least says that it was increasing conflicts with the Klingons the caused the phase-out so that gives some leeway.

The Nautilus-class science vessel is a 26th century design based on the Daedalus-class spaceframe, a science-tactical hybrid that can mix it up with hostile forces thanks to the integration of some Borg technology. What could go wrong? To make a Nautilus-class spaceframe, start with the Daedalus-class stats and change the Entered Service date to 2510, which gives us a daunting 37 refits for the ship. Add +5 to every System of the Daedalus-class stats, then add an additional +2 to Sensors, Structure, and Engines, and finally add +1 to Weapons for a tougher design. For the Command Division version increase Security to +1 and decrease Engineering to +1 (already done in the Starship Sunday version). To put it into the 26th century, the phase cannons can be switched to phaser banks and a tractor beam can be added since we’re past those early designs. The ship no longer needs Polarized Hull Plating and Grappler Cable (for the Command Division Supplement version). Instead, add Rapid-Repair Nanites (replacing Improved Hull Integrity in the Starship Sunday version of the Daedalus) and Advanced Sensor Array to the list of default Starship Talents. 


From the perspective of the 24th century, the Ranger-class spaceframe seems too weak to have the designation of “battlecruiser.” This is a tough ship, though, and certainly could stand against the dedicated warships of the Klingons in its day. It’s covered in a Continuing Mission post and certainly has the capabilities to carry it into the early 24th century with refits.If you really want to have an updated battlecruiser, though, the Paladin-class cruiser is a powerful design inspired by the Ranger class. Changing the Entered Service date to 2511 gives 26 refits to work with, starting with four points into every System. After that an additional point goes into Structure and the last into Engines, making the Paladin class well-suited for the 26th century and still great at what the Ranger class did best. Torpedoes are updated to the newer quantum torpedoes and we’ll add in the phaser turrets described last time. It’s a battlecruiser, after all.

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