Ten Forward Friday: Trill & Bajoran

Welcome to Ten Forward Fridays, where a new playable species is presented for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game, filling in some gaps until official material can be released.
For the final Ten Forward Friday blog for Mirror Universe May, I’m detailing the Trill and Bajorans.

We saw a couple Mirror Trills, but didn’t really get a sense of their culture or how it was changed from living in a crapsack reality. Both of the Dax-es were rather mercenary, so it  fits what we’ve seen to have the species out for personal gain and willing to sell their services. A neutral people who didn’t pick sides but worked for both the Terrans and the Alliance. Some Beta Canon sources mention many Trill symbiotes being killed, which can justify this jaded attitude: if the Trill as a people feel they have lost their history, identity, and their future, they might be more nihilistic as a whole.

Trill history is a bit of a blank. The planet Trill is some distance from the Federation and close to the Cardassian Union, but Trills were involved in Federation affairs for a good century. They had to have a decent level of technology, but don’t seem to have been a major player in the Galaxy. They were a largely enlightened and peaceful people (which can be expected when you can pair the wisdom of centuries with the rapid advancement of short lifetimes). I can see them purposely avoiding the Terrans.

Bajor is a different story, having more more canon details: the first Deep Space Nine mirror episodes clearly states the Terran Empire occupied Bajor. Given Bajor was occupied by the Cardassians in 2319 in the Prime Reality, this suggests the Terran Empire was in the Bajor sector much sooner than otherwise. This strongly implies the Terran Empire expanded in different directions than the Federation, especially as Bajor had to be conquered before Spock became Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Starfleet. (It seems like the kind of conquest seems like the type of domination Spock was trying to stop.) There is a fun irony in Bajor willingly allying with Cardassians after escaping occupation from Humans. Bajor is a much stronger world in the Mirror Universe, having been independent for longer, but is a grimmer world as the Terran occupation was apparently much worse and lasted much longer. The Bajoran people, like the Betazoids, have lost much of themselves as a result of the Terrans. 

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Mirror Trill

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  1. And now we have the full CRB Species layout in Mirror form.

    Nice work with this. Will be interesting if I manage to get my Mirror Campaign idea off the ground, you guys have really inspired me. Main thing is I want to PLAY in said campaign, not GM it. Hopefully a solution will work itself out. 😀

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