Laris Dek, Trill Criminal

Welcome to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s! Today we’re continuing our venture into the alternate universe of Star Trek with Mirror Universe May. Last week I brought you a Mirror Betazoid so today I’m coming at you with a Mirror Trill!

This character is extra-special to me because she was not written for Tuesdays at Quark’s! I ran a short Mirror Universe campaign on Discord which was filled with a lot of great moments, a lot of Mirror Mailys Sault, and some excellent players. My favorite product of the campaign, though, was Laris Dek. I made her as a Trill criminal boss since the crew was headed to that planet and needed an underworld contact, but I wanted to make her a little more interesting. I thought it would be interesting to have this woman confidently learning a new hobby while she talked the crew and her whole personality just grew from there…

Laris Dek is a great option for a Mirror Universe campaign because she is willing to work with everyone. She could be an ally, an enemy, a different role for each mission, or even both things simultaneously. She even makes for a good contact when prime universe characters find themselves in the Mirror Universe: being a polymath she’s a wealth of exposition as well as a useful connection to have.

There are certainly lots of different directions to take this character but here are a few plot hooks to get you started.

  • When they arrive on Trill, the crew approaches Laris Dek to get sensitive information without their rivals in the Imperial Navy knowing about it. She can help you get the information but it’s held in an Imperial station on Trill. Dek has a computer exploit to release it but she also needs you to release one of her men who has been arrested.
  • The “Phantom Ship” that has been harassing Imperial ships is a problem and an opportunity for an officer to prove herself. Laris Dek has lots of information and in fact she knows how to contact the pirate captain Heyta. How can the crew convince her to take a position and help them, however, and what will she ask in return?
  • One of the prime universe crew knows Laris Dek as a flighty Starfleet officer with a short attention span. When they find themselves in the Mirror Universe before her criminal counterpart, what personal information can they use against this woman? And how will the neutral spider react to someone knowing all about her for a change?

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