Mailys Sault, Imperial Inquisitor

Welcome back to another entry for Tuesdays at Quark’s, this one on Thursday! Like I mentioned last time, I was planning five Mirror Universe NPCs which certainly seemed like a lot. Oh foolish me. A reader suggested today’s entry and it just seemed too good to pass up so I decided to add a bonus entry. Without further ado, I give you Mailys Sault the Imperial Inquisitor!

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The prime universe version of Mailys Sault is bad enough (believe me, she’s giving us hell in an online campaign) but in the Mirror Universe this ruthless augment has brains, strength, and official backing. It’s unclear what the status of human augmentation is in the Mirror Universe (there has been some mention of Khan Noonien Singh in various novels but it’s hardly a definitive subject) so we’re pretty free to experiment. The stance I’ve taken here is that there’s some interest in it but, given the lack of a scientific focus, the Terran Empire considers it a waste of time with side effects that are far worse than the benefits. If you want to go with something closer to the details in The Worst of Both Worlds, Mailys’s augmentation comes from secret and illegal sources just like in the prime universe.

Regardless of where it comes from, Mailys’s genetic augmentation represents incredible powers and she uses them to hunt down the Empire’s enemies and tear them apart. She is feared only slightly less by Imperial officers than she is be Imperial enemies. If you ever thought that Star Trek was great but it could really use a dose of Darth Vader, well then here you are.

There are lots of plot hooks for you to consider but here are a few to get you going.

  • The Player Characters, Imperial agents, are instructed to transport Inquisitor Sault to a Vulcan slave colony, beam her down to the planet’s main city, and then wait for her signal. Six hours later the crew receives notice from the surface that the colony’s human overseer has been assassinated. The Inquisitor’s signal comes soon after and there’s little doubt that she is the assassin. Is this a sanctioned operation? Has Mailys Sault gone rogue? The crew has some hard questions to face in a delicate situation which is not something the Imperial Navy typically handles well.
  • The Player Characters are a group of rebels trying to change the course of the Terran Empire. They make contact with the Xindi freedom fighter Heyta but as they arrive at the settlement where they are to meet her one of the group spots the infamous Mailys Sault among the crowds in the marketplace. Do they dare make contact still and risk exposing Heyta? What about this situation would bring in the Empire’s worst?
  • In the prime universe, a crew finds some evidence that wanted terrorist Mailys Sault is in the sector. When they find her, the Player Characters discover two Saults which causes some consternation and a serious increase in the danger assessment. The Mirror Universe Sault has come to the prime universe and made contact with her counterpart. In exchange for something important (powerful Federation technology, a cure for the Inquisitor’s debilitating condition) she will transport the prime universe Mailys Sault back to the Mirror Universe and a society that is close to her perfect vision of human superiority.

Click the image below to get the PDF.Mailys Sault - Imperial Inquisitor - Preview


  1. Oh, man. 🙂

    This… this is incredible.

    When I suggested her, I was not expecting something like THIS.

    Bravo, good sir!! 😀

    I look forward to next month’s theme.

    And again, would you be willing to GM a Mirror Campaign for me, and possibly anyone else willing? I have a great idea for a plot, but I’d rather play it than GM it.

    1. Glad you liked her! I’d be willing to try that out. What medium were you thinking? Shoot me a message at mephitjames (at) gmail (dot) com.

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