Subcommander T’Rul


My 2371 campaign is in need of a Romulan for a joint Federation-Romulan venture, and Subcommander T’Rul seems to fit the bill. Assigned to the U.S.S. Defiant to safeguard the cloaking device at the start of 2371, T’Rul accompanied Sisko and his crew to the Gamma Quadrant in search of the Founders (DS9 episodes ‘The Search, Part I‘ and ‘Part II’). She does not appear in other episodes, and it seems the Romulans withdrew their strict oversight of the cloaking device, based on later episodes. She’s played by the same actress who played Seska on Voyager.

T’Rul may play a role in your campaign in many ways, but likely as a possible ally (with the potential to become an antagonist). An expert in cloaking devices and systems integration between different technologies, she is ideal in any joint scientific or military missions between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. Her high-level security clearance allowed her access to key systems on the Defiant, so she may enjoy the same level of access elsewhere. Her first-hand experience in the Gamma Quadrant and with the Dominion could be useful as well. In the DS9 short story “The Devil You Know” in Prophecy and Change, she was working with the Federation in 2374 on ‘Project Blue Sky’ to brainstorm strategies against the Dominion. That could happen in your campaign. She can easily name-drop those she worked with on Deep Space Nine.

Click on the link below for her stats as a Major NPC.

T’RulMicrosoft Word - TRul.docx

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