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Hellow and welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays at Quark’s! Today we’re finishing up our second month of Starfleet Academy NPCs with a former commander. Who’s former commander? Well, Sirriv is a Vulcan and he’s been a part of Starfleet for four decades so he could be anyone’s, really. Maybe he mentored the captain of the PC’s ship, maybe he was the first commander a supporting NPC had. He could even be the first executive officer that a Vulcan captain had. Whatever you decide, that’s just the tip of Sirriv’s potential in your campaign.

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While he’s been serving in Starfleet for decades, Sirriv is recently returned from an eight-year leave of absence from his position. He studied at a monastery on Vulcan which allowed me to bring in some cool stuff from The Way of Kolinahr, a Last Unicorn Games supplement on the Vulcans. This isn’t canon per se… but who cares! There’s lots of cool stuff in here including a complex look at Vulcan philosophy. The history of Vulcans as presented in the sourcebook shows rival schools and contemporaries who worked with Surak during the birth of modern Vulcan culture. Like Kovar, this is a deep dive into one of the most beloved parts of Star Trek lore and it should really appeal to some people.

In a nutshell, the One Mind School that Sirriv follows believes that everything follows a logical progression of predestination that will ultimately turn out a specific way. Like Sherlock Holmes they try to work out the eventual outcome and then watch it unfold as they are just part of the pattern. Sirriv has determined that part of this great unfolding is a reunification of the Vulcan and Romulan peoples, and he’s got some impressive psychic abilities to make that happen. He’s in a position to make a lot of change for good or ill and is right on the edge of breaking with his duties along the Romulan Neutral Zone.

There are plenty of directions to take this character but here are a few plot hooks to get you going.

  • A Player Character who formerly served with Captain Sirriv is contacted by him over informal channels. Sirriv says that he has uncovered evidence of a Romulan plot against the Federation and he needs help confirming it. The evidence is too new to bring before the Federation Diplomatic Corps who will be obligated to make a state issue out of it, but with the ship’s help he can prove it’s true… Unless the whole thing is a fabrication to create the sort of future Sirriv thinks in inevitable.
  • On a recent trip back to Earth, Captain Sirriv discovered something disturbing. He was meeting with Admiral Ross when he had the opportunity to psychically investigate the admiral’s personal PADD. This was enough for him to discover that the PADD had been in the possession of a Romulan official named Koval. He knows that discretion is required but he needs help finding hard evidence that Ross is a traitor.
  • Sirriv begins acting erratically and is diagnosed with Tuvan Syndrome by Starfleet Medical. As his health fails and his death becomes imminent, Sirriv contacts his former subordinate to entrust them with important information: there is a coup being planned within the Romulan Senate that could destabilize the entire government. What’s more, he managed to get a datapad from a sympathetic Romulan and determined that it had the psychic imprint of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. There was something slightly off about the imprint, Picard seemed far too young for one, but he is sure that the captain is involved.

Click on the image below for the PDF.Sirriv - Former Commander - Preview

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