Featured Starship: U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-B)


The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) is a refit version of the Excelsior-class starship. Launched in 2293, it was infamous for rescuing passengers from the Nexus anomaly during its maiden voyage (Star Trek Generations). During the rescue, it appeared that James T. Kirk perished, when in fact he ended up inside the Nexus.

The Enterprise-B was first commanded by Captain John Harriman (see his stats as Admiral in the Operations Division sourcebook), with a Sulu (Ensign Demora Sulu) at the helm. Beta canon has had the ship under Captain William George for some time, then Harriman again, then temporarily Captain Demián Rendón. In 2307 it underwent a refit. Harriman stepped down in 2311, when Demora Sulu became the captain of the Enterprise-B. In the early 2320s, Captain Thomas Johnson Jr. took command. In 2329, the ship was lost in deep space shortly after the crew contracted an unknown infection. (Or, if you prefer the FASA RPG timeline, the Enterprise-B was lost fighting Klingons and Romulans).

Two versions are presented: the 2293 maiden voyage version, which will allow you to refit to any subsequent time period, and a version in 2329, which you can use in a scenario where the fate of the Enterprise-B is revealed.

U.S.S. Enterprise-B (2329 version) PDFMicrosoft Word - USS-Enterprise-Bv2.docxU.S.S. Enterprise-B (2293 version) PDFMicrosoft Word - USS-Enterprise-B4v2.docx

U.S.S. Enterprise-B (2329 version) PDFMicrosoft Word - USS-Enterprise-B.docx


I include here versions created through the official Modiphius app.

U.S.S. Enterprise-B (2293 version) PDF

U.S.S. Enterprise-B (2329 version) PDF

Featured Starship articles spotlight established starships that you can use as a ship for players for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game), or as an NPC ship in your campaign. Some are a natural fit with characters from the Featured Crew articles. Only Core Rulebook rules will be used (with perhaps a few special exceptions, such as the spaceframes from the Command Division supplement, or articles here).


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