Featured Starship: Columbia (NX-02)


The Columbia (NX-02) is a sister ship to the Enterprise (NX-01), the second ship to be outfitted with a warp five engine. It was launched on November 30, 2154, under the command of Captain Erika Hernandez. It had better polarized hull plating, ventral and dorsal photonic torpedo launchers, pulsed phase cannons, and stations tied directly into the main EPS junction.

In the beta-canon, the Columbia disappeared in 2156, was rediscovered in 2373 in the Gamma Quadrant, was recovered in 2381, and was refitted and upgraded so that it was on active duty in 2410.

Columbia (NX-02) PDFMicrosoft Word - Columbia-NX-02.docx

Featured Starship articles spotlight established starships that you can use as a ship for players for immediate play (such as for a demo or convention game), or as an NPC ship in your campaign. Some are a natural fit with characters from the Featured Crew articles. In general, Core Rulebook rules will be used (with perhaps a few special exceptions, such as the spaceframes from the Command Division supplement).


    1. Thanks for pointing that out. The size of the NX-class makes it hard to get all the Talents. But the Rapid Fire Torpedo launcher can be switched out for Photonic Torpedoes, or the Photonic Torpedoes added as a new Talent as part of a Milestone improvement.

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