Starship Sundays: Typhon and Jupiter

Welcome to Starship Sundays, where we expand on the options for the Star Trek Adventure roleplaying game.

The large Typhon-class carrier was introduced in the video game Star Trek Invasion a space fighter game akin to Wing Commander where you pilot a Starfleet fighter. While in Beta canon the ship was never used in the Dominion War (as the game began after the end of that conflict) there’s no reason your home canon the ship could not have been completed earlier, allowing conflict more akin to Battlestar Galactica, with waves of fighters facing Jem’Hadar scout ships.

Jupiter Class

Image from Star Trek Online and Copyright Cryptic Studios

The much larger Jupiter-class carrier was created for Star Trek Online, and is a massive vessel, that dwarfs even the Sovereign and Odyssey classes. Making this ship from the Typhon is easy: its scale increases and it receives 3-4 refits. Given the Jupiter is a science vessel in the game, reducing the Command Department by 1 and increasing the ship’s Science might also be a possibility.

I’m statting up this spaceframe for selfish reasons. The STA game I play onlineOphion,  wrapped up the initial campaign. It’s episodes available here. The new campaign will be beginning in early February 2019, and set on a Jupiter carrier.

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Click HERE for Black Background PDF


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