Atrox & Aspero Carriers

One of the good things about Star Trek Online is that we get to see starship designs from other species. And the moment I saw the two Caitian-designed carriers I knew I had to stat/run them.

The Atrox Carrier

The Atrox-class is described as follows:

To deal with the increasing threat of the Klingons and the tactical advantage they have with their carriers, the Federation has called upon their member worlds for assistance.

In response, the Caitians made their fierce Atrox Carrier available to Starfleet. A true carrier, the Atrox has been updated by the Caitians and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers with modifications that give it some of the abilities of a science vessel, including subsystem targeting and bonuses to Shield and Auxiliary power. These abilities allow the Atrox to support its fighters as well as other ships in its fleet.

And here are the stats I’ve assigned to it:

Comms – 11Engines – 12Structure – 12
Computers – 10Sensors – 09Weapons – 09
Atrox Systems Scores
Command – +1Security – 0Science – +1
Conn – 0Engineering – +1Medicine – 0
Atrox Departments Scores

Scale: 6


  • FIGHTER WING (See the Typhon-class for this Talent)


  • Tertryon Beam Arrays (Medium Range, Piercing 2, Area/Spread)
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Quantum Torpedoes

The Aspero Carrier

The Aspero-class is described as follows:

The Caitian Aspero Support Carrier is a powerful upgrade to the Atrox-class platform. This carrier is capable of adopting to multiple roles, thanks to the flexibility offered by its massive twin hangar bays. As is necessary to command so many small craft, the starship features immense networking and sensor capabilities. All of this is contained by a potent structural integrity field and substantial shielding.

It has the same Departments, Scale, Weapons, and Talents as the Atrox-class above, with the following adjustments to its Systems Scores:

Comms – 12Engines – 12Structure – 12
Computers – 11Sensors – 09Weapons – 08
Aspero Systems Scores

If you would like to see these carriers in action, I highly recommend coming to check out the Series Premiere of Star Trek: Euthenia on Tuesday, September 14th at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on my Twitch!


  1. Write ups of these carriers seem a bit lacking without details on the Stalker fighters the carrier normally carries.
    And have the Shikaris escorts gotten a treatment yet? While I doubt you could carry them internally like in STO, it seems likely that their carriers would likely have a few of their own escort vessels along as part of the carrier group.. even if more standard federation ships are also present.

    1. I considered doing a Stalker fighter write-up, but essentially they wouldn’t be all that different from the shuttles we see in the Command Supplement. AFAIK the Shikaris haven’t been stat’d yet either.

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