Space Station Frame: K-class

The K-class space station is an all-purpose Federation design that entered production in the late 2230s. The class was principally civilian in nature, and K-class stations were used for a wide variety of purposes along travel routes or in systems lacking a planetary base, including: supply depot, trading port, cargo storage, recreation, medical services, or repair facilities. However, Starfleet also used the design for several Starbases, typically as temporary stations, with the intent of converting them into civilian facilities after the completion of a larger Watchtower-series stations, the founding of a colony, or the expected induction of nearby systems into the Federation. The K-class’ modular design and ease of upgrading allowed these stations to remain in service until late in the 24th Century.

This Stat Block is meant to be used with the rules found in the Command Division supplement as well as those offered by Mephit James (Link #1, Link #2). In particular, all talents on this base block are found on page 95 of Command Division, and the Mission Profiles by Mephit are used to round off the base block.

You may notice that the K-class lacks offensive weaponry. This is by design, but not all K-class are defenseless. If you select either the Strategic or the Deep Space Mission Profile, it’s advised that you give the station Phaser Banks. The damage is calculated as normal (Scale + Security).

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