Orville Fools Day 2

Welcome back to Orville Fools Day, the tradition started last year on April Fool’s Day where the site half-drops the Star Trek setting in favour of the one from Fox’s The Orville.

(Well… I suppose that would be Disney’s The Orville now…)

For those who have not seen, The Orville is a loving parody of Star Trek the Next Generation. The sets and uniforms have a very Trekian feel, complete with moral quandaries and commentary in society. Like classic Trek, The Orville isn’t just a show that is talking, but one that has something to say.

This past season has given a lot more detail in the Xelayan people, so I finally feel comfortable giving that species a write-up. Also included in this blog are the uptight Moclans and the fanatical Krill. The Kaylon are not included, being described in last year’s blog (but they have been updated… for reasons apparent if you’ve seen the show).

You can use species as part of a Planetary Union game set in the world of The Orville. Or you can bring these species into the world of Star Trek, either as newly encountered species or previously unmentioned members of the galaxy. Or they could be part of an alternate reality, crossing into the traditional timeline. 

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