Featured Crew: Alexander Rozhenko

Alexander Rozhenko is the son of Worf and K’Ehleyr, and has both Klingon and Human heritage. He was raised by his grandparents on Earth, but went to live with Worf on the Enterprise-D for some time. He was sent back to Earth after the destruction of the Enterprise-D.

In 2374, he enlisted with the Klingon Defense Force in an attempt to prove himself to his father. He’s known for his clumsiness, but it has made him a good luck charm in the eyes of his fellow Klingon Officers. By 2375, he has become weapons officer of the Ya’Vang.

A version of Alexander from 40 years in the future, from a timeline where Worf was assassinated, returned to change the past by changing his own fate (see the episode “Firstborn“). In his timeline, Alexander had become a diplomat, but his Klingon enemies saw him as weak, and arranged the assassination. The future Alexander became a warrior as a result, but always mourned his father. When he was given a chance by a man in the Cambra system, he took the chance. He took on the identity of K’mtar, a gintak to the House of Mogh, and went back to 2370 to meet himself.

There may be more than one version of Alexander/K’mtar, traveling to different time periods and trying to change the future for an entirely different reason. Or, K’mtar could be time-lost after his future no longer exists. Thus, you may come up with different ways to use K’mtar in a time-travel scenario.

Alexander Rozhenko (Supporting Character)

Alexander Rozhenko (PC version)

K’mtar (Alexander Rozhenko, Major NPC version)

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