Featured Foe: Braxton

Captain Braxton appeared in Voyager multiple times (depending on how many temporal incarnations you’re counting). He featured in “Future’s End“, “Future’s End, Part II“, and “Relativity“. A Starfleet officer from the 29th century, he was the captain of both the U.S.S. Aeon and the U.S.S. Relativity. Braxton is concerned with the Temporal Prime Directive, and works to preserve the timestream. However, in one instance, the Aeon ended up causing a major incident in Earth’s past, giving Henry Starling access to technology from the future. A version of Braxton was trapped on Earth for thirty years as a hobo. Although after those events, the new version of Braxton had no recollection of what transpired, it seems at least one version of Braxton retained knowledge of that incident and needed to undergo rehabilitation.

The incident in “Relativity” is complicated, involving a version of Braxton with temporal psychosis trying to get revenge on Janeway and Voyager. In fact, several versions of Braxton show up. He was eventually arrested, and his plan to destroy voyager with a temporal disruptor foiled. He hates Janeway, citing the Janeway Factor to describe her meddling with the timeline.

Braxton would make an interesting time-travelling antagonist. He tries to preserve the timeline, and that might make him target the players’ ship if they are involved in a paradox or temporal incursion. His potential for temporal psychosis also makes him a potentially dangerous and unpredictable enemy, which, coupled with his access to temporal technology and the possibility that his future keeps changing, makes him a great recurring villain for your campaign. Don’t be afraid to introduce multiple versions of Braxton to vex your players.

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