Orville Personnel – Bortus

Back again with another member of the Orville‘s crew! Today we have Lieutenant Commander Bortus, the ship’s second officer under Commander Kelly Grayson. He’s a Moclan, an all-male species (or near enough), and served in their fleet before joining the Planetary Union.

As the principal example of a Moclan on the show, Bortus starts off as a character synonymous with his species. He grows as the show continues, though, and becomes an interesting character with a lot of nuanced perspectives and motivations.

As a young Moclan officer, Bortus met his future mate Klyden and the two were married before Bortus was assigned to the U.S.S. Clemens. Klyden came with him to the Orville and the crew was delighted when the couple had a baby. Bortus’s personal life is a source of some stress for him as he and Klyden have to constantly adjust to living among aliens and Bortus is often called away to assume command when the captain and first officer are busy. The cultural and personal connections for this character make him an interesting addition to a Star Trek campaign as well, and a good model for including species of your own devising into your campaign.

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