Orville Personnel – Gordon Malloy

We’re coming up on the end of this series with Lt. Gordon Malloy, helmsman of the Orville. Once again, Patrick Goodman has brought us something impressive by giving you this irreverent goofball for your home game.

Malloy is the best friend of Captain Mercer and he quickly becomes good friends with Lt Cmdr LaMarr. On the other hand, he’s a constant source of annoyance to Commander Grayson and plays pranks on various crew members including the stern Commander Bortus. Despite this, Malloy certainly has the abilities to back up his tomfoolery and has gotten the Orville out of some pretty tricky situations. He’s a loyal friend and a resourceful officer despite his mannerisms; in summary, he’s sort of Tom Paris turned up to 11.

Characters like Malloy and Paris might seem like a bad idea to include in your Star Trek Adventures game, whether in the Star Trek universe or the Orville universe. They can be distracting and they may seem like an Invincible Incompetent who seems to have no business on the bridge. In both of these cases, though, these pilots are skilled and useful even if they don’t have much ambition or sense of responsibility. This is their narrative utility, though. There’s no chance of Main Characters being upstaged by Lt. Malloy because he has no desire to move up the ranks or seek out glory. At the same time, they can count on him to do what they ask because his disinterest is matched by his skill. He’s literally the perfect Supporting Character.

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