Orville Personnel – Alara Kitan

Back today with another member of the Orville‘s crew, courtesy of Patrick Goodman: Chief of Security Lt. Alara Kitan! Even though she’s a bridge officer, Alara is young and pretty inexperienced. Despite that, she’s shown herself to be very capable as part of the Orvile crew.

Xelayans come from a high gravity world and so have exceptional strength in Earth-like gravity. Few apply for vessels of the Planetary Union so when they do they are typically fast-tracked to advanced positions. For Alara, this means that she pretty quickly rose through the ranks and often finds herself in situations where she feels over her head. This is an interesting situation that fits well with the sorts of storylines that are seen in Star Trek. Junior officers frequently are thrust into command roles and it can be a fun roleplaying challenge for players. If you want to play this up, consider replacing Alara’s Cautious (Security) Talent with Untapped Potential.

Another part of Alara’s character that I love is her difficulty maintaining relationships. Frequently through the show she breaks up with fellow officers because they are uncomfortable with her being so much stronger than they are. This is an interesting element that you could utilize for other characters in your Star Trek Adventures campaign: Klingon, Hirogen, or even Vulcan women could run into this same issue and even a liberated Borg like Seven-of-Nine would be stronger than any Humans she dated. It shouldn’t be the defining part of a character (and it isn’t for Alara Kitan) but as a personality element it’s pretty intriguing.

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