Orville Personnel – John LaMarr

Another crew member of the Orville, Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr! This character is a really awesome one and I’m excited to be able to present this version made by Patrick Goodman!

John starts off as a helmsman opposite Captain Mercer‘s best friend Gordon Malloy (up next week!). This makes him a second banana in several ways but he quickly distinguishes himself in the series as a fun and interesting character, even if he’s goofy and constantly pulling pranks. He’s a dependable and resourceful crew member, though, so he’s a good example of how the show blends the comedic with the dramatic.

Towards the end of the first season, though, (and this is certainly a spoiler if that matters to you) John’s test aptitudes bring him to the attention of Commander Grayson who recommends him as the ship’s new chief engineer. Aside from being a cool trajectory for this character, this is a great example of how you can work in a course-correction for NPCs in your Star Trek Adventures game who have taken a turn you’d rather not deal with. I’ve introduced so many characters in so many games that I wanted to run one way and they ended up going another way. Maybe it’s a character that I wanted to be a grim and dangerous type but they ended up being a comedic relief. Or maybe it was the opposite or it was a character that I wanted to be a rival but they ended up as a friend. Personnel records are just one way, somewhat unique to STA, that you can use to redirect a character along a new path. Plus it (presumably) involves the Main Characters who have to approve the promotion. Win-win!

Click on the image below for the PDF.

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